Property Management

Let us help you manage your properties. We can help you from finding good tenants, maintaining their needs and sorting out the legal paperwork. At Silvertail, we do all the tricky and time consuming tasks on your behalf, regularly checking your property to make sure all is running smoothly.

As your property manager we can provide you with:

Our expert opinion

We can provide you with our expert opinion of correct pricing of your property to attract good tenants, which will lead to lower tenant turnover.

Finding good tenants

A good tenant will not only look after your property, but they will also pay rent on time. We can help you find good tenants for your property investment.

Maintaining tenants

We will help you maintain your tenants needs. Maintaining tenants’ needs is important, as if you look after them, then they will stay longer and they will treat your property better. We will be your first point of contact for your tenants for maintenance issues, contracts and rent.

Taking care of the paperwork

We conduct regular inspections and provide you with a detailed report of your property to make sure everything is up to standard. We also take care of the administrative tasks such as lease agreements, bond lodgement and maintenance issues.

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