Preparing Your Home For Winter Guide

As the weather is getting colder and Winter is settling in. Now is a good time to do some Winter maintenance around your home or rental.

Clean Your Gutters

As winter rolls around, beautiful autumn leaves begin to fall… straight into your gutters. It’s time to grab the ladder and pop the gloves on. Using your hands is the most effective method to clean the gutters. It’s recommended to clean the gutters regularly during winter to ensure the rainfall can flow straight into the downpipe.

While you’re up there, it’s also worth taking a look at your roof. Keeping your eyes peeled for any cracked or loose roof tiles. Damaged roof tiles can lead to leaks in the home, which could cause further problems down the track. Preparation is key, ensure your gutters are clean and your roof is steady for the winter to come.

Keep The Garden in Shape

Step out into the garden and have a look at the trees and shrubs. Time to get the pruning shears. Give your trees and scrubs a pruning to keep the garden tidy. Ensure driveways and paths are visible, removing any branches that could cause trips or damage. Along with ensuring outdoor entertaining areas are clear of long overhanging branches which could be hazardous.

Mold & Condensation

Another thing to look out for is mold and condensation. Condensation commonly occurs when warm indoor air collides with a cooler surface, such as windows. Ensure exhaust fans are clean and working. 

There are many ways to reduce condensation in your home, such as using the exhaust fan when showering, the fan when cooking and drying wet clothes outside. Mold can cause health issues, so it’s important to prevent it forming and remove it immediately.

Chimneys & Heaters

We’ve definitely felt the cold here in Adelaide this week and cranked up the heaters! It’s recommended to have chimneys cleaned and heaters inspected once a year by a professional. Having an annual service ensures everything is working well and there is no build up of the highly flammable substance creosote. Which can be poisonous if exposed to large amounts.

Maintain Your Smoke Alarm

Winter is peak time for electric blankets and heaters, which unfortunately leads to an increase in electrical faults. Maintaining your smoke alarm is essential. You can test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button until you hear a loud noise. The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service recommends testing them every month and cleaning every 6 months. 

Click here for more information about testing your smoke alarm.

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