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Welcome to the Silvertail Property Group. The home of the ‘Hello to Handover’ a new-build investment property system to financial freedom… and your energised team that knows it, believes it and proves it.

Silvertail Property Group is dedicated to maximizing property investment opportunities for our clients wanting off the plan investment properties in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Why Silvertail is here. The more we searched, the more we discovered a distinct need for professional but grounded pathways, and systematic guidance for everyday Australians wanting to increase their wealth by investing in property.

Becoming a property investor with Silvertail is a great step to make, but the key is making the whole process as easy as we can for you.

Knowing you’ll have every aspect of third party negotiations done on your behalf is just one of the weights we lift off our clients’ shoulders. That’s an example of the streamlined Silvertail experience, all the way to simple and stress-free investment property ownership and secured future income.

Exceptional. That’s the standard of customer service you’ll receive as well as your experience you can expect, throughout our ‘Hello to Handover’ cycle. Every step of the way, our focus is you. Providing information, giving support, answering any questions and addressing any concerns.

How to Build a Property Portfolio

The Silvertail team will maintain the close, collaborative contact you need, to ensure every step of your investment journey is as simple, and positive, as possible.

We are experts. Knowing you can rely on every piece of property advice, property coaching and extensive industry knowledge you receive makes a massive difference.

We know we can help you. We know how to strategise, find, secure, build, tenant and lease your first property, right through to strategically developing a complete, investment property portfolio.

We have the right partners to achieve it. Just like building your future property assets, the Silvertail Group has hand selected, and established business partnerships with leading Australia’s builders and developers with a key goal.

The right markets. Securing not only premium investment properties, but also focusing on high performing residential growth areas. Not just in South Australia, but right across the country. Yes. Your first investment property, even the thought of entering the property market is incredibly daunting. But that’s exactly why Silvertail is here.

We’re with you. Our experienced, focused team will be right alongside you; preparing, guiding and taking you through each step of our ‘Hello to Handover’ system, from start to finish… but, without any of that the stress.

Complete clarity. In a nutshell, we analyse your current situation… we understand exactly what your investment goals are… and we create a tailor-made investment plan that will get you there. And when we’re working together with that level of clarity, you can believe… we will.

‘Starters’, ‘Second opinions’ or ‘Portfolios’. We’re specifically geared to help every and anyone who has the equity and energy to generate wealth through investment property.

From ‘passive’, first time investors through to more wary investors looking for a better outcome and established, entrepreneurial portfolio ‘builders’… we offer a range of property types that will achieve specific return-focused goals.

Homes or apartments. Off the plan townhouses, dual key properties or house & land investment packages, from key growth market areas across the country… Silvertail utilises collective, expert property investment experience, current market advice and researched future projections.

Groundwork, done. It’s our breadth and depth of groundwork with the balanced distillation of property data that gives Silvertail the ability to ensure that you can and will be earning a passive, future income, through your strategically selected property.

Silvertail turns scary into easy. We know what you want to achieve. But we also know you simply don’t have the time to do all the paperwork required. Sourcing properties, setting up finances, doing the paperwork, dealing with all the suppliers, development approvals, conveyancing… the sheer amount of logistics involved in property, investment is mind boggling.

That’s exactly why, we do it. Every detail of it. So, all that leaves for you to do all is to sit back, read our ‘Hello to Handover’ stage reports, and essentially, enjoy a completely hassle-free investment experience.

Customer satisfaction is everything. Yes, we’re big on exceptional service, doing all the work for you, and making your property investment experience as simple and as enjoyable as we humanly can… but our bottom line is you. And you being completely happy. If you’re not, we’re not. Not until we turn any frowns upside down.

‘Hello to Handover’ – a journey with Silvertail, together. Investing in property is not, and should not, be a one-off, set and forget, transaction. It’s a step by step journey, with clarity and agreement at each key point of the process. Everyone’s on the same page, from your decision to hire us… right through to handing over your keys.

Regular updates of your building’s progress is vital. The more you know about where your property’s up to, the more you can relax. To this end, Silvertail also gives every client direct online access to information on property investing to help further understand the process.

Silvertail’s underpinning vision. We want to see our clients build their wealth through property investment and secure their financial futures. And, we believe, the most reliable, sensible and profitable strategies is through a portfolio of off the plan properties.

The property experts for more everyday Australians. We are experts in smart property investment in Adelaide and Australia-wide, as demand for rental properties continually increases, rental property investment in Adelaide and beyond becomes a stronger and smarter option for the futures of everyday Australians.

There’s no time like right now. If you’re keen, we’re ready. Get in touch with us on 1300 846 956 and let’s talk about your property investment portfolio.

Everyday people now have every chance to succeed in property

Silvertail Property Group helps everyday people achieve prosperity through property. Achieving financial goals and putting life on their terms, knowing they’ll retire comfortably.

The Silvertail Property Difference